In Memory of my Wonderful Brother, Richie Reed.

Richard Charles Reed
I was the only one allowed to call him “Richie”. I would not have had my Musical Career without him.
This Memorial is taken from a letter he wrote to me before he died on July 7, 2010.


Richard spend his whole life teaching and playing guitar

Dear Diane Reed, I know that our relationship has deep importance to you and that you as a human being can do no greater thing than to express this importance to yourself, to everyone who is significant and important in your life, and to express to me how much my existence and our past has ment to you. Nothing can be more of an honor to me than this.

We have been endowed with gifts; gifts of talent and insight. where did we get the ability to play msic as we do? Where did these messages come from about truth and living? Do you remember when you sang all those moving songs at the 2nd Fret and the Bitter End? We have a mission. That mission is expressing ourselves through the music and the lyrics that inspired us in our youth and to carry these inspirations into the future with all that we can create.

No one else can understand the importance of what we have experienced and known together. Others know us, but they do not know us in the depths and experiences that we have share together.

We have had much to give to others as brother and sister, as soul mates and as extraordinarily gifted musicians. We can shower others with our unique gifts.

With much Love, Brother Rich