Dream-spinner-smallDream Spinner
Lyrics and Music by Diane cir.1985

Dream Spinner, Joy Maker, bearer of Love, Wishes come true made on Stars up above.
Dream Spinner, Uplifter, bearer of Smiles, ageless and timeless, regardless of miles.

Friends in a moment, Friends for all Time, giving, receiving a gift Divine.

Dream Spinner, Trustholder, bearer of Faith, expecting the Best at the start of each day.
Dream Spinner, Peace Bringer, Weaver of Life, building Castles of Light
through the darkness of Night.

Praising the little things, Caring all ways. Being there just to share the burdens some days.
Spinning a Dream, like the Spider her Web: Delicate, yet Strong,
like Love, it is said.

Dream Spinner, Hurt Healer, Dryer of tears, always remembering throughout the years,
Dream Spinner, I have a Dream to Spin, too, to be Always, in All Ways,
a Dream Spinner, Joy Maker, Lover of You.