Winter Roses

Winter Roses

Winter-roses-smallWinter Roses
Lyrics and Music by Diane

Winter Roses, such a Sweet Surprise, like an un-expected Gift, and a Smile in your eyes.
Winter Roses, a little out of place, so extraordinary, like the Magic of your ways.
For a Rose to bloom in Winter, it takes a special mix   of Sunshine and a Gentle Breeze -
like a Kiss blown from your lips.

They say, “The Truest Paths always lead through Mountains”,
and that “The Purest Water always flows from Crystal Fountains”.
They say, “The View is always so much better at the Top, and
the only way to get there is simply Not to Stop. ”

When I think of Winter Roses, I always think of you.
Your Sunshine, your Gentle Breeze will always see me through.
When Life gets tough, and Paths get rough, You’ll always let me know
That I will Bloom, in spite of all, like Roses in the Snow!

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