It is Love

It is Love

It-is-love-small“It Is LOVE”
Lyrics and Music by Diane

From Begining Without End, You’re my Teacher, You’re my Friend,
Teach me Honest, Love me Wild, I’m your Lover, I’m your Child.
Do not break the “Tie that Binds”, with it’s Silken thread entwines,
While the Ancient Goddess Smiles, You’re my Lover, You’re my Child.

Light the Fire in my Stove, in my Body, in my Soul,
like your hands feel the Freedom of the Gold.
Crystal Morn, find me warm, right beside you in the Dawn,
As the Earth is Reborn, the Truth’s retold, Once again….. Once Again!

Reach me High, Stretch me Far, for I know just Who you are,
Like the Petals of a Flower our Souls unfold.

With our Feet on the Ground, Joy will spin us ’round and ’round.
See the Treasure within the Hands we Hold………..

It is Love, Let it go! It will come back Home again,
It is Love, Set it Free! It will come to You and Me.
It is Love, See it Fly, Spiral up into the Sky!
It is Love, It is Love, It is Love, It is Love…….