Biography The great divide

“The Great Divide” This song by Singer/Songwriter, Kate Wolf  has been in our family for a very long time. Cynthia used to sing it and recorded it, and she and Gaia sang it at the “Going Away Party” that we had in America before leaving to live in Holland. So, the Atlantic Ocean is the Great Divide in our lives, but we all remain close in spite of that distance. Although there is no Wolf mentioned in the song, I painted a Wolf to honor Kate. In 2010 my Brother, Richie Reed passed away. Heartbroken, I traveled to Colorado to attend his funeral. I sang one of the first songs he helped me learn so long ago, “The Last thing on my Mind”, by Tom Paxton. While I was there, my Brother in Law, Steve, took me for a walk through the Rocky Mountains. At one point he said, “Look! That is the Great Divide!” I took photos, so the Painting of  The Great Divide is true.